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Tubigrip® TSSB

Tubigrip® TSSB



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Anatomically shaped bandage for venous disorders of the leg or arm.







Tubigrip® shaped support bandage (TSSB) provides lasting, effective support in the treatment and management of venous disorders of the legs and arms, while allowing complete freedom of movement if patients are up and about. The elasticated cotton bandage only stretches radially – meaning it provides support without rucking or slipping down. It can be washed for repeated use.

The bandage is easy to fit too. Only a single measurement around the calf or forearm is required for precise size selection. The range of five full-leg and three below-knee bandages ensures a good fit for patients. It is available in one colour: natural. 


  • Anatomically shaped to provide support along the complete length of the limb
  • Elasticated cotton fabric construction is comfortable as well as effective
  • Simple size selection is quick and convenient
  • Washable and reusable
  • Re-application after washing is quick and easy for patients.

When to use Tubigrip shaped support bandage

Tubigrip shaped support bandage is a support bandage used to aid venous and lymphatic return in the management of venous disorders of the legs and arms. It may also be used as an undercast stockinette in cast bracing, for support following cast removal, and to provide pressure therapy in the treatment of post-burn scarring.

Product details

Individually packed in cartons of 10.
The below knee style is also suitable for use on the arms.


Ref. No. Description (size-limb) Pieces Per Inner
  Natural shade below-knee  
1472-03 Small B/C - 32-36 cm 60
1473-03 Medium C/D - 35-39 cm 60
1474-03 Large D/E - 38-42 cm 60
  Natural shade full-leg  
1475-03 Small B/C - 32-36 cm 110
1476-03 Medium C/E - 35-39 cm 110
1477-03 Large D/F - 38-42 cm 110
1478-03 X-Large E/G - 38-42 cm (For thighs under 60 cm) 110 
1471-03 X-Large X/T - 41-45 cm (For thighs over 60 cm) 110 
  Flesh below-knee  
1479-03 Small B/C - 32-36 cm 60 
1480-03 Medium C/D - 35-39 cm 60 
1481-03 Medium C/D - 35-39 cm 60 
  Flesh full-leg  
1482-03 Small B/D - 32-36 cm 110 
1483-03 Medium C/E - 35-39 cm 50 
1484-03 Large D/F - 38-42 cm 50 
1485-03 X-Large E/G - 38-42 cm (For thighs under 60 cm) 110 
1486-03 X-Large X/T - 41-45 cm (For thighs over 60 cm) 110 




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