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TributeNight™ Trunk & Torso

TributeNight™ Trunk & Torso



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Briefs - Vertical Style

  • Provides therapeutic coverage for the abdomen, genitals, and buttocks
  • Specifically designed with an extended waist to cross the transverse plane or watershed from the lower to upper quadrant and to complement manual therapeutic techniques
  • Combine with labia or scrotum Swell Spot (SP-15) for daytime use

Abdominal Binder - Vertical Style

  • Therapist designed to address swelling and tissue induration of the abdomen
  • Velcro®-receptive exterior fabric and hook and loop closures allow for girth fluctuations; comes in black fabric only
  • Darting can be incorporated for clients with rounded abdomens to provide full coverage and tissue support
  • Hook and loop closure comes standard

Shorts - Chevron / Vertical Style

  • Ideal for patients who require bandaging of the lower leg or need coverage of the buttocks and abdominals
  • Allows for bandaging over the thigh portion; patients also have the option of wearing bike shorts over the top
  • Zipper modification may be ordered for midline seam to ease donning and doffing
  • Available in Chevron or Vertical channels

Thoracic Sling Wrap - Vertical Style

  • Asymmetric wrap is left and right specific
  • Provides therapeutic benefits for unilateral chest wall swelling, radiation fibrosis and scarring
  • Please indicate the cup size of affected breast in the comments section on the order form

Bustier - Vertical Style

  • Shoulderless design ideal for women with firm breasts who have had lumpectomies, breast reconstruction or augmentation
  • Extension of garment to the hips is recommended to cross the watershed at the waist
  • Zipper modification comes standard

Upper Torso & Neck - Vertical Style

  • Provides circumferential coverage at the axilla level and addresses radiation fibrosis of the neck and clavicle
  • Refined style for improved comfort and fit
  • Zipper modification and Velcro®-closure modification come standard on this garment

Vest - Vertical Style

  • Designed for clients with swelling or tissue fibrosis of the trunk and torso
  • Garment features a front zipper closure and easily adjustable shoulder straps
  • V-neck, Round neck, Scoop neck, or Turtle neck options available; Scoop neck is default option unless otherwise noted on the order form

Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Created with Vertical channeling on the torso and Chevron channeling on the sleeves
  • Zipper modification comes standard
  • Sleeve length can be customized for unique client requirements. Please call to speak with a member of the Design Center staff to discuss further options

Body Suit - Vertical Style

  • Provides superior truncal coverage while remaining easy to don
  • V-neck, Round neck, Scoop neck, or Turtle neck options available; Scoop neck is default option unless otherwise noted on the order form
  • Detachable arms may be added for full upper body support

Vest & Lower Torso

  • Combine TT-MH with TT-JG for full torso coverage
  • Separate garments are easier to care for and provide clients with the option of wearing one or both at any given time depending on their nightly needs
  • V-neck, Round neck, Scoop neck, or Turtle neck options available; Scoop neck is default option unless otherwise noted on the order form


Eliminates nightly wrapping and help increase patient compliance
Stimulate the intial lymphatics and help reduce fibrosis by creating locatlized tissue stretch and pressure differential
Machine wash and dry garment
Backed by an industry leading One Year Warranty and exclusive SureFit Guarantee

Why use TributeNight™?

To maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
Management of lymphedema
Help soften indurate tissue and help improve circulation.



Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Untreated congestive heart failure
Untreated localized or systemic infection
Untreated cancer
Absent or severaly imparred sensation
Severe cognitive impairment
Stop use if rash, numbness, or skin color change occurs

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