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TributeNight™ Lower Extremity Garments

TributeNight™ Lower Extremity Garments



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Foot to Ankle

  • Intended for clients with edema and/or tissue fibrosis at the foot and ankle region
  • Heel Assist Loop comes standard
  • Provides enhanced ankle definition
  • Combine with We’a Toe Swell Spots (SP-14) to address tissue fibrosis of individual toes
  • Commonly ordered with LE-BG-C

Toes to Knee

  • Chevron style channels from the toes to knee to provide bidirectional flow, medial to lateral and distal to proximal
  • Heel Assist Loop comes standard
  • Ideal for clients with edema and/ or tissue induration at the foot, ankle, and lower leg, and with ankle skin folds or larger ankle to calf girths
  • Vertical channels from toes to knee to provide distal to proximal directional flow
  • Appropriate for clients who have intact lymph nodes, but exhibit lymphatic insufficiency, edema, indurated tissue below the knee, or have proportional ankle definition
  • For clients needing extra support, order an Outer Jacket for additional compression

Toes to Mid-Thigh

  • Appropriate for clients who have intact lymph nodes but lymphatic insufficiency is suspected, as well as edema and indurate tissue as exhibited in primary lymphedema
  • Vertical channels are recommended to direct fluid to the popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes

Toes to Groin

  • Ideal for clients with edema and/or tissue induration of the leg (if the popliteal and inguinal nodes have not been damaged/removed)
  • Vertical channeling provides distal to proximal gradient compression from the toes to groin
  • Chevron channels provide bidirectional flow - medial to lateral and distal to proximal - which follows MLD concepts of directing fluid to the collateral pathways
  • Defined foot and ankle provide enhanced definition and comfort
  • Heel Assist Loop comes standard

Lower Quadrant Chap

  • Treats the full lower quadrant with bidirectional gradient compression that directs fluid to collateral lymphatic pathways
  • Heel Assist Loop comes standard
  • Defined foot and ankle provide enhanced definition and greater comfort
  • Features a soft, flexible belt that is adjustable for maximum comfort

Chap & Half Leg

  • Appropriate for clients who have full involvement in one quadrant and partial involvement in the contralateral quadrant


  • Recommended for clients with normal flexibility and range of motion (Bilateral chaps are suggested for clients that require easier donning)
  • Closely resembles running pants; Midline and lateral zippers are included on this garment, free of charge

Pants with Foot Coverage

  • Recommended for clients needing coverage from the toes to waist.
  • Special modifications may need to be made depending on the client.
    If ordering for a client over 250 lbs, please include current weight, mobility limitations and call to discuss options.



Eliminates nightly wrapping and help increase patient compliance
Stimulate the intial lymphatics and help reduce fibrosis by creating locatlized tissue stretch and pressure differential
Machine wash and dry garment
Backed by an industry leading One Year Warranty and exclusive SureFit Guarantee

Why use TributeNight™?

To maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
Management of lymphedema
Help soften indurate tissue and help improve circulation.



Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Untreated congestive heart failure
Untreated localized or systemic infection
Untreated cancer
Absent or severaly imparred sensation
Severe cognitive impairment
Stop use if rash, numbness, or skin color change occurs

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