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The Viva Foam Mattress

The Viva Foam Mattress



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Featuring Multi-Directional (M.D.) Technology

The Viva mattress is a complex engineered mattress yet offers simple and effective therapy. The Viva mattress features three foam layers. The topper of the Viva mattress looks like individual foam segments running from the head section all the way to the foot section of the mattress, we refer to this engineered foam topper as our Multi-Directional (M.D.) technology. The M.D. technology allows for targeted immersion based on the users’ needs and positioning in the mattress. As an added bonus, the M.D. technology provides a high level of friction and shear reduction being as each foam segment moves in conjunction with the user. This top layer is enhanced even further by having zoned protection. The heel section of the M.D. Technology layer is a softer foam to allow for a heel specific protection zone.

The middle foam layer is a gel infused memory foam. The memory foam aids in the immersive and overall comfortable feeling of the mattress, with the added benefit of gel infusion. Gel infusion not only increases the durability of the foam itself, it also aids in temperature regulation. The gel infusion helps to keep the user’s body heat from building up within the foam layers, to allow for a cooler foam experience and a more easily manageable micro-climate.

The bottom layer is a supportive foam base, comprised of horizontal channels from head to toe. These channels allow for full articulation of the mattress as well as improved air flow throughout.

The side bolsters of the Viva mattress are made of a firm foam to provide a sturdy shelf for use during transfers and ADL’s. The Viva’s foam bolsters feature relief notches, these notches allow full movement of the mattress even when the head or foot sections of the bed frame are elevated, thus alleviating any resistance from the foam bolsters when elevating the frame.


Product Specifications

CONSTRUCTION                High density foam base layer, Gel infused Memory foam middle layer, M.D. Technology foam top layer and firm side bolsters

COVERS                               4 way stretch, antimicrobial, fluid proof, wipeable cover

HEIGHT                               6”

STANDARD SIZES              36” x 80”

CUSTOM SIZES                  Not available

PRODUCT CODE            VIVA3680

WEIGHT CAPACITY           Maximum 350lbs / custom 500lbs upon request

WARRANTY                       5 years on mattress, 1 year on cover



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