Stellar HD Manual Tilt Wheelchair

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Designed for individuals that require optimal pressure relief and positioning, the Stellar is one of the only manual tilt-in- space wheelchairs in the market that offers up to 45° of tilt while maintaining a low knee rise.

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Its unique and durable architecture allows the chair to be maneuvered under tables while tilted, letting users participate in normal dining and a wide variety of social activities.


  • Sizes up to 32" seat width
  • 45º of tilt for pressure relief and positioning
  • Attendant operated tilt with ease
  • Ideal for hand propulsion with adjustable, accessible rear wheels
  • Knees remain low in tilt 
  • Short wheelbase for excellent maneuverability
  • Reclining back option - up to 120º 
  • Variety of caster and wheel sizes
  • Durable frame with attractive finish


Seat width 14”–22”
Seat depth 16”–22”
Front seat height 13”–18”
Back angle 90°–122°
Dynamic tilt Up to 45º°
Maximum capacity 250 lbs/113 kg
Chair weight 50 lbs/23 kg
Overall width 9.5” (RW 12/16) 10.5” (RW 20+)


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