Span America Q-Series Advantage Bed and Encore

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Span America Q-Series Advantage Bed

Smart technology enabling advanced clinical and resident positioning.
Precision welded orthopedic no-sag grid decks provide robust support.
Components powder-coated individually with flexible polyester anti-microbial finish.

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Optional foot end control provides the following adjustments:
1.  Comfort Chair
2.  Trendelenburg
3.  Reverse Trendelenburg

  • Mobile or locked at any height
  • Staff maneuvers bed from upright - not hunched-over stance.
  • Soft honeycomb bumper protects walls during re-positioning.
  • Engineered for virtually vertical bed raising/lowering.
  • Optional molded side assist rails include 3-Position perpendicular assist for dependable ingress-egress support.
  • Half-head assist rails for resident safety which rotate downward when not in use; rails also available in steel
  • Easy-on expanders feature integrated corner mattress retainers.
  • Attach tool-lessly to both sides of decks after removal of bed’s mattress retainers.
  • Provides 42" sleep surface compatible with molded plastic and metal assist rails.

Our new expanders transform the Rexx, Rexx Fast and Advantage beds into a wider 42”surface for user comfort, fall prevention and ADLs.  The expanders can then be removed tool-lessly to navigate the bed through narrow doorways.

Our molded plastic and metal half head rails are both compatible with the expanders, mounting securely to the expander unit before attachment to the bed frame.  The robust expanders kit features form molded packaging designed for storage and reuse. 

Standard pendant controller, including auto-contour

Optional foot end controls with lockout and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

Option of standard or goose-neck pendant holder on rail or back of headboard

Battery Back-up and Charger

Trapeze with Frame-mounted Trapeze Bracket



    • Durable, easy-to-clean wide- arched slats
    • Lifetime welding guarantee on precision-welded construction 
    • Positively anchored baseboard bumper bar
    • Heavy duty 3” field-tested casters
    • Mobility at any height with head and foot-end floor locks
    • Components individually polyester powder-coated
    • Foot-end controller plus backlit 9 button control pendant
    • Fixed mattress retainers & vascular foot ratchet
    • Under-bed lights for discreet illumination 


    • Ergonomic 3-position assist device
    • Bed extenders to 84"
    • Bed & Deck Angle Indicator
    • Snap in pendant holder
    • Headboard-mounted pendant holder
    • Molded plastic half-rail
    • Transport dollies
    • Portable backup battery
    • Regular backup battery
    • Drainage hooks
    • IV pole
    • Trapeze

    Q-Series Specifications

    • Height Floor to Mattress Support : 7-7/8″ – 30″
    • Deck Angles – Back Elevation : 0 – 70°
    • Deck Angles – Knee Elevation : 0 – 20°
    • Bed Length – Overall Length : 84-3/4” / 88-3/4″
    • Bed Length – Sleep Surface : 76″ / 80″
    • Bed Width – Sleep Surface : 35″
    • Weight of Bed (without accessories) : 160 lbs / 73 kg
    • Safe Working Load : 500 lbs / 227 kg


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