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Mepilex Heel

Mepilex Heel



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Conformable foam dressing for acute and chronic wounds on the heel



Mepilex® Heel is a shaped foam dressing, designed for wounds occurring on the heel. Mepilex Heel minimises pain and wound or skin damage at dressing change 12 3 4 . Mepilex Heel’s high absorbency effectively manages wound exudate 1 4 5 ; and its conformability allows it to easily and comfortably fit the heel 1 6 .

Minimises pain at dressing changes 2 3 4
Minimises the risk of maceration 1
Effectively manages exudate 1 4 5
Shaped especially for the heel


When to use Mepilex Heel

Mepilex Heel is an absorbent heel dressing – designed for a wide range of low to medium exuding wounds. Whether applied to the heel or malleolus, Mepilex Heel effectively absorbs, which minimises the risk of maceration 1 4 5. With its Safetac® interface, Mepilex Heel can be removed with minimal risk of trauma to the wound or surrounding skin 1- 4 . Safetac also prevents Mepilex Heel from sticking to the wound bed yet adheres gently to the surrounding skin allowing easy application of secondary fixation 3 5. When necessary, secure Mepilex Heel with Tubifast® fixation.

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