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Lympha Press Optimal® Model 1201 pump

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Please note, a doctor's prescription is required to purchase this item. Garment is not included.

Home lymphedema treatment based on the principles of manual lymph drainage

Lympha Press Optimal® gives patients the benefits of the gentle touch of manual lymph drainage and Lympha Press® gradient sequential compression. Lympha Press Optimal® is the most advanced lymphedema treatment system available today.

Elements of the Optimal® treatment system

• Pretherapy™, based on the principles of manual lymph drainage. This "priming" mode empties the proximal areas, setting up conditions for maximum lymphatic drainage during sequential compression. Used with our unique torso garments, Pretherapy™ pre-treats the major lymphatic collectors in the abdomen emptying them so that they will accept the lymph fluid mobilized during the main treatment session. Pretherapy™ also provides targeted treatment for truncal lymphedema, and abdominal and genital lymphedema. Used with our arm and leg sleeves, Pretherapy™ gives special attention to the limb-torso juncture, helping to prevent proximal pooling of lymphatic fluid.
• 12-Zone Gradient, calibrated "at the pump": The Optimal® gradient ensures directionality of flow from the limb to the torso. Pressure can be adjusted in each compression chamber individually, for comfortable treatment of painful or fibrotic areas. The Optimal® has our Lympha Press® quick cycle time, recommended by medical practitioners.
• Garments for torso clearance. Use with Lympha Pants™, for treatment of abdominal and genital lymphedema, along with leg lymphedema; or with Lympha Jacket II™, for treatment of truncal lymphedema, especially postmastectomy lymphedema affecting the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen and axilla areas.
• Individualized therapy - choice of pressure, gradient, treatment mode, and treatment time, to meet a wide variety of clinical situations and patient compliance needs. Pressure and treatment mode can be adjusted to accommodate painful areas, fibrosis, and other considerations.
• Bilateral treatment - no need for the bilateral patient to repeat therapy. The Optimal®, like all our Lympha Press® systems, can be used with one limb or two, simultaneously! This saves treatment time and improves patient compliance and quality of life.
• Patient lock - Pressure and modes are set and locked, according to physician prescription, making this exceptionally versatile lymphedema treatment system safe and easy to use at home.


Pump Specifications

Model Lympha Press Optimal
Cycle Pre-Therapy, Sequential, Peristaltic
Cycle Time Variable
Presure Range 20-90 mmHg
Weight 6.5 kg / 14.3 lbs
Size 15x32x38.5cm / 6x12.5x15.3 in
Electrical 115V/50~60Hz