Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair

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The high-performance Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair boasts superior ride quality, quieter chassis and built-in technologies that make all the difference: True Center Wheel Drive, Enhanced Invacare SureStep Suspension, Traction Control Design, Quiet Invacare Stability Lock and Invacare MK6i electronics.

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  • Center Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair
  • G-Trac Technology available to keep wheelchair tracking straight
  • Quiet stability lock provides stability and shock absorption while in-motion
  • Traction Control Design for climbing in reverse over obstacles up to 1"
  • Fully-programmable MK6i electronics for maximum control


    Base Width: 24.5" narrow, 25.5" wide
    Base Length: 35.25"
    Turning Radius: Minimum Base Turning Radius: 20.5"
    Speed: Less than 6.0 mph
    Range: Approximately 18.4 miles
    Product Weight Capacity: 300 lb. 
    Product Weight: Product weight with batteries: Up to 399 lb., narrow

    Product weight with batteries: Up to 434 lb., wide


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