Hygie HY21 Bedpan Support plus liners/absorbent pads

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Used with Hygienic Covers, the Hy21® Bedpan Support (also available as a single use kit) is the perfect solution to contain pathogens. This Support combines the characteristics of the orthopaedic bedpan and those of the standard bedpan.

It facilitates handling while being applicable to all patients who require a bedpan. As a single-patient, the Hy21® Bedpan Support reduces the time spent handling biological fluids, cleaning and disinfecting contaminated equipment (one support per patient per stay).

The kit includes the Hy21® Bedpan Support plus a box of 20 liners/absorbent pads


  • Single patient
  • Complete system to manage the patient’s body fluids
  • Ideal for isolation and outbreaks (multi and highly resistant bacteria)
  • Ergonomic
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recyclable)
  • Stackable


Code: BA-BASS-HY21-SF0 (10 units per case)

The Hy21® Bedpan Support Extender (sold separately) is used for overweight people. It is placed directly on the Hy21® Bedpan Support to increase its height.