Fuze T20 Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

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The Fuze T20 is a manual Tilt-in-Space wheelchair designed to offer up to 20° of tilt with ease of propelling for occupants and caregivers.

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Its forward pivot location provides low knee rise during tilt, allowing the occupants’ feet to remain comfortably in contact with the floor.

This facilities easy foot propulsion, clearance under tables and positioning for social engagement.

Adjustable Back Angle

Up to 36 degrees of back angle adjustment for general positioning and comfort.

Adjustable Arm Height

To successfully accommodate a variety of occupant’s positioning requirements

Adjustable Axle and Seat Height

13” to 20” of front seat height to optimize occupant mobility requirements.

Front Rigging

Plug-in and swing away front riggings available to accommodate occupant transfer needs.

Colors available:

Tracer Red, Black Shimmer, Blue Shimmer, Greyser Green, Bubble Gum Pink, Gloss Black, Orange Fusion, Gloss White, Lollypop Blue, Berry Purple, Silver, Karl’s Imagination, Dark Titanium, Lollypop Red, Safety Yellow


  • 20º of manual tilt-in space
  • Low seat-to-floor height
  • Adjustable axle depth and seat height
  • Low knee rise
  • Adjustable seat width and seat depth
  • Short wheelbase for maneuverability
  • Foot and hand propel in tilt position
  • Better wheel access
  • Fuze T50 Conversion Kit available
  • Transit tie-down

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Seat Width Ranges (adjustable)


Seat Depth

16” – 20”*

Seat Height

13” – 20”

Back Angle

90° – 120°

Back Height

20”, 25”

Dynamic Tilt

-5° to 20°

Overall Width T20 – Standard

For 12″ & 16″ rear wheels, use seat width plus 9.5″For 20″, 22” & 24″ rear wheels, use seat width plus 10.75″

Overall Width T20 – Narrow

For 12″ & 16″ rear wheels, use seat width plus 7.5″For 20″, 22” & 24″ rear wheels, use seat width plus 8.75″

Overall length (no front rigging)


Weight Capacity

250 lbs.

Chair Weight

35 lbs. (without front rigging, wheels, anti-tippers, armrests)

Transit option available



PDG’s exclusive TGIF warranty. Lifetime warranty on the frame.