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EXU-DRY Anti-Sheer Absorbent Dressing

EXU-DRY Anti-Sheer Absorbent Dressing


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EXU-DRY is a one-piece wound dressing made up of multiple layers.

10cmx15cm 10drsgs/box

15cmx23cm 12drsgs/box

23cmx38cm 30drsgs/box


  • EXU DRY is a unique one-piece wound dressing designed to cover the wound with reduced friction, save nursing time and lower total dressing costs. EXU DRY replaces non-adherent dressings, gauze and abdominal pads.
  • Non-adherent to the wound, EXU DRY is more comfortable for patients during and between dressing changes. EXU DRY's Anti Shear Layer helps reduce shearing thus may help protect fragile granulation tissue. EXU DRY's one-piece, multi-layer sealed construction eliminates frayed edges, loose threads and linting. EXU DRY minimizes disruption to new granulation tissue.
  • Highly absorbent, EXU DRY helps reduce the risk of maceration and irritation to the wound and surrounding tissue. EXU DRY wicks away drainage from the wound into the entire dressing, reducing the frequency of dressing changes.
  • Non-occlusive, soft and pliable, EXU DRY is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to accommodate virtually any wound or body contour. Because EXU DRY is permeable and non-occlusive, it can be used as a wet or dry dressing on clean or contaminated wounds.
  • EXU DRY is compatible with most topical agents, liquids and creams. 


    Outer Layer - High density polyethylene
    Inner Layers - Highly absorbent rayon/cellulose blend
    Anti Shear Layer - High density polyethylene
    Wound Contact Layer - High density polyethylene


    Indicated for exudate absorption and the management of partial to full-thickness wounds. Some typical wounds are:

    Ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic)
    Pressure sores
    Donor sites
    Surgical incisions
    Surgical excisions
    Burns (1st and 2nd degree)
    During the body's normal healing process, unnecessary material is removed from the wound which will make the wound appear larger after the first few dressing changes. If the wound continues to get larger after the first few dressing changes, consult an appropriate healthcare professional.
    Should any signs of irritation (redness, swelling, increased burning sensation), maceration (over-hydration of the skin), hyper-granulation (excess tissue) or sensitivity (allergic reactions) appear, discontinue use and consult an appropriate healthcare professional.

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