Evo DX Series Walker

Evo DX Series Walker

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The Evolution Series, available in four sizes, features the strongest and one of the most stable walkers on the market today.

Every Evolution model uses 1-1/8” cold rolled steel tubing, the same material used in mountain bike fabrication. Strong 1” tubing is used on the handles, every fastener is stainless steel or plated against corrosion, and the frame is powder-coated with UV protection against fading. All plastic components are molded utilizing the toughest plastics capable of withstanding temperatures up to -40⁰C. The Evolution model offers unmatched stability for users suffering from neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, in addition to arthritic and stroke conditions and users with wide gates. The Evolution series also include the largest baskets available anywhere.


  • The Evolution Series is the therapists choice for individuals of higher weight
  • The Evolution has a weight bearing capability of up to 400lbs
  • The rigid steel frame gives this walker unmatched stability for users suffering from neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and  stroke conditions.
  • The rigid frame allows the addition of the specialized Arm Trough System, for those individuals unable to use a standard walker handle.
  • Available with standard rigid back support or flexible back straps
  • Wide models have a larger seating area with a bigger soft seat cushion for added comfort.
  • Soft seat cushion in every model
  • Plastic tray or basket installed tote bag included
  • Now with stronger and wider wheels 40mm wide for ease of use on gravel roads, wet grass, deep carpet, etc.


  weight seat height seat width width X length handle height weight capacity
Evo Regular DX 21 lbs 23” 17” 21”x 30” 30”– 38” 350 lbs
Evo Wide DX 22 lbs 23” 21” 26” x 30” 30”– 38” 400 lbs
Evo Low DX 20 lbs 19” 17” 21” x 30” 30”– 36” 350 lbs
Evo Low Wide DX 22 lbs 21” 21” 26” x 30” 30”– 36” 400 lbs


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