Emotion Micro LAL Mattress

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The Emotion Micro Low Air Loss mattress system is the ideal choice for users with existing pressure injuries and / or for those with poor skin integrity. The Emotion offers 7 adjustable pressure settings to fine tune user’s comfort and to provide ample immersion into the mattress. Due to the compressor style of pump used with the Emotion system, pump operation is whisper quiet and uses less energy than traditional LAL mattresses which reduces operating costs.

 The Emotion offers two therapy modes to choose from. 1.  3-1 Alternating pressure therapy provides active pressure relief: for every three cells, one cell alternates in deflation, off-loading pressure on the body and ensuring 2/3 of the body is always supported at any time 2. Static therapy mode provides low air loss therapy with no cell movement. The Emotion cell on cell design keeps static air in the bottom 3.5” of the mattress while the top 4.5” of each cell performs alternation.

 The upright Mode (Fowler Boost) feature adds support under the buttock region when the head of the bed is elevated. There is also a mesh centre strip that runs from head to toe over each of the air cells to prevent cell separation from occurring, even in the upright position.

Product Specifications

CONSTRUCTION                18 – 8” cells (4.5” therapy + 3.5” static air)

COVERS                               Quilted Nylon cover

STANDARD SIZES              36” X 80”

CUSTOM SIZES                  Limited customizations available upon request


WEIGHT CAPACITY           440lbs

WARRANTY                       2 years on mattress, 1 year on cover