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CureTape® PUNCH Professional 5cm x 5m

CureTape® PUNCH Professional 5cm x 5m


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A variant with a unique pattern of perforated holes, CureTape® Punch 5cm x 5m . The patented “hole” pattern causes differences in pressure under the tape applied. As a result of which, receptors in the skin and fascia receive even more stimuli in different directions as compared to normal kinesiology tape. 

CureTape® Punch benefits: 

  • A greater stretching capacity
  • Three-dimensional stretching direction
  • Greater ventilation of the skin
  • Allows the tape to dry more quickly after getting wet
  • Sticks better
  • Multiple 24h lifting and “cupping”, extra lifting effect


Experienced tapers use CureTape-Punch® in particular for the following applications:


  • On nerve pathways: due to diagonal elasticity, the nerve receives an extra stimulus (such as nerve radiation and constrictions)
  • For stroke patients. They respond better due to the extra stimulation of the hole pattern
  • Lymphatic system also receives extra impulses, making this variant of the CureTape® very suitable for acute injuries, swellings and hematomas
  • When loosening fibrosing and scars
  • With pain relief (such as back pain)


Available colours: beige, blue, pink, black, and orange. 


CureTape® is the most widely used brand in the professional kinesiotape (para) medical market. CureTape® is a medical product that belongs to Class 1.



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