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CARBONET Absorbent Dressing Containing Activated Charcoal Cloth

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CARBONET Activated Charcoal Odour Adsorbent Dressing: CARBONET dressings have been designed to facilitate easier wound management and a reduction in nursing time in the treatment of malodorous and infected wounds.

They utilise the important, well-proven benefits of an activated charcoal layer, with the additional features of absorbency and non-adherency. The dressings create a favourable environment for wound healing, whilst being cost effective and easy to use.


  • Activated charcoal layer
  • Wound contact layer
  • Absorbent padding layer
  • Absorbs bacteria and offensive odours
  • Flexible and conformable


CARBONET has excellent absorptive capacity and can absorb the heavy viscous exudate typically found in leg ulcers and other chronic wounds. 

Contains Activated Charcoal Cloth 
Activated charcoal has a well proven ability to absorb bacteria and embarrassing odours from infected or contaminated wounds. 

Features Tricotex* wound contact layer with its excellent non-adherent properties. 

Easy to Apply and Retain 
The composite structure of CARBONET gives all the benefits of separate wound contact layer absorbent pad and odour adsorbing material, but it is much quicker and easier to apply than three separate dressings. 

The dressing is conformable and can be cut to fit wounds which are awkwardly situated. 

Cost Effective 
The construction of CARBONET does not require a separate wound contact layer and absorbent dressing, simplifying dressing changes and thus saving valuable nursing time.


Discharging, infected and malodorous wounds. 
Such as:

  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Fungating carcinomas (eg breast).
  • Faecal fistulae;
  • Infected surgical wounds

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