BodyPoint Wheelchair Accessories

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BodyPoint Wheelchair Accessories

4-Point Padded Hip Belt

Keeping the belt firmly in position, our 4-Point Padded Hip Belt attaches to the wheelchair in four places to assure that the pelvis does not move from an aligned, stable position and stays securely against the seat and back supports. The primary straps position the belt while the secondary straps anchor it into position. These extra points prevent the belt from riding up into the abdomen or twisting and moving out of position. Thus, four points of attachment are ideal for anterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and thrusting.

  • Versatile design of the secondary strap attachments allow for anchoring the belt above or in front of the pelvis
  • Closed-cell foam in our pads is highly resilient and has great pressure distribution properties
  • Exclusive D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping
  • Wrinkle-free, soft fabric lining gives users comfort with great durability
Flat-Mount™ End Fitting
  • Fits tight spaces with a low profile 
  • Unique dimple design makes it easier to thread webbing
  • Rounded edges and heat-treated, nickel-plated steel reduce fabric wear
Stainless Steel Band Clamp
  • Fit into tight gaps under wheelchair seats
  • Made with stainless steel to resist corrosion
  • For mounting where there are no pre-existing holes
  • Highest strength of any accessory clamp on the market
Frame Clamp
  • Open-jaw design fits underneathseat upholstery and armrest pads
  • Made with sturdy, two-piece aluminum construction for long life
FrameSaver™ Clamp
  • Made of a super-tough nylon, the FrameSaverTM clamp is incredibly strong
  • Snaps into place for safe mounting anywhere along wheelchair tubing without drilling. 
  • If tubing has an upholstery strip, consider the Frame Clamp instead.
Replacement buckle covers
  • Pop-off/on covers offer different levels of buckle release difficulty, from easy to caregiver-only
  • Exclusive to Bodypoint push-button-style belts
2-Point Padded Hip Belts
  • Webbing that is not slippery, yet easily cleaned by hand or in a machine
  • Seamless rounded edge transition from webbing to pads
  • Anatomical laminarTM pads for better fit
  • Center, rear and dual-pull styles 
  • Five buckle options: low-profile swivel, low-force Rehab LatchTM(airplane), side-release (Fastex) and adult or pediatric push button.
Cinch-Mount™ End Fitting
  • Grips webbing securely with patented steel "teeth" and rugged design
  • Quick and precise installation
  • Ideal for frequent belt adjustments for weather/clothing changes or multiple users
Sub-ASIS Pads
  • Available in two sizes, these teardrop-shaped pads filled with Synergel reduce pressure on the abdomen and bladder, or anywhere else you put them
  • Used with a compatible belt, including our Evoflex®, they control pelvic obliquity and rotation without a tight fit
  • Place in pairs for sports, curbs or trails; to fill anatomical gaps and asymmetry on any part of the body
Sub-ASIS Compatible Belts
  • Each compatible belt features a hook and loop material (similar to Velcro®) to which one or more interchangeable pads can be attached, moved or removed at any time. 
  • Pads are available in two sizes. They fill anatomical gaps and prevent a belt from digging or or riding up, improving control of pelvic obliquity and rotation while minimizing abdominal and bladder pressure.
Quick-Release Lever
  • Easily adjust or remove the Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft from the mounting clamp (or armrest).
Joystick Mounting Adapters
  • Use to attach almost any joystick controller to a Bodypoint Midline Arm.
  • Options to fit a wide range of models and most major joystick brands.
  • Strong and easy to install.
Slip-on Pads
  • Used with our non-padded belts, including our Quad Belt, for added comfort
  • Slide over the webbing for greater pressure distribution
  • Available in three sizes
Mounting Hardware Gauge
  • This indispensable tool for measuring tubing diameter helps you order the right mounting hardware, to create a mounting point for a postural support.For wheelchair techs, therapists and suppliers, this is a must-have for the toolkit.
Tri-Lock™ Mounting Clamp
  • An essential component for mounting the Tri-lock™ Rotating Shaft to the power chair
  • Available in rail or tube mount versions, both height adjustable
  • Can be installed on either the left or right armrest
Midline Joystick Mounting Kits
  • True swingaway action for transfers and automatic return to preset driving position
  • Easy flip-stop toggles between independent swingaway and locked driving position 
  • Simple push-button caregiver release in locked position
  • Angles over cantilevered arms, holds 30 lbs of switches, devices, controls

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