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MalleoLoc® Ankle Brace

MalleoLoc® Ankle Brace

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Increased stabilization of the upper and lower ankle

MalleoLoc is an anatomically self-shaping stabilizing orthosis that can be used in the immediate care and treatment of ankle injuries. After serious twisting injuries, torn ligaments and capsular ligament strains, it stabilizes the ankle and protects it from lateral twisting. The normal heel-to-toe movement of the foot is still possible and the support can be worn therapeutically without a shoe.

  • Anatomically self-shaping
  • Low-fatigue cushioning
  • Stimulates the tibialis anterior muscle

Care Instructions: 

MalleoLoc can be cleaned separately by hand washing using a mild alkali-free cleaning agent. In order to maintain the functionality of the Velcro fasteners for a long time and to avoid damage, we recommend closing them before washing. When drying, do not expose the MalleoLoc to direct heat (e.g. heating, solar radiation, etc.).


The MalleoLoc stabilizing orthosis is anatomically contoured to conform to the outside edge of the foot and includes a strap system. It fits snugly on the foot and passes forwards along the side of the joint and then underneath the sole, leaving the heel free. It thus counteracts both talar shift and lateral twisting of the foot. The musculature of the ankle is actively stabilized. As well as acute care, this orthosis can be thermoplastically shaped to the individual anatomy of the foot and used for stabilization in chronic cases of ligament weakness.

Under the sole on the outer edge of the foot there is a tongue-shaped protrusion, which stimulates the musculature, and in particular the tibialis anterior, thus reinforcing the stabilizing and mobilizing effects of the orthosis. This firstly provides effective protection against further injuries, and secondly means that the MalleoLoc can also be successfully used as part of the early functional treatment of capsular ligament strain and outer malleolus ligament injuries.

Rigid shell for lateral stabilization.
Functional semi-rigid strap system

Early functional treatment for injuries of the lateral malleolar ligaments (and the bifurcate ligaments)
Capsular ligament strains
Postoperative rehabilitation
Chronic ligament insufficiency


Styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene block copolymer (TPS-SEBS)
Polyamide (PA)
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Polyoxymethylene (POM)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polyester (PES)
Polyurethane (PUR)

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