All gel toe caps Intelligel

All gel toe caps Intelligel

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May be used for the following:
• Comforting partial toe / Finger amputees
• Reducing the appearance of keratotic lesions
• Comforting Hammertoes
• Comforting Ingrown toe nails / Overlapping digits
• Base of support for digital flexion splints
• For post-op pin removals / Nail removals(once wound has healed)
• Preventing / Comforting calluses
• Protecting knuckles
• Eliminating friction between toes and footwear.

The Intelligel® Gel Toe Cap is the ultimate barrier to protect the toes. Fully lined with gel, it offers all-around protection. The product is ideal for hammertoes, not only to protect the joint but also to cushion the tip of the toe. It is also the only product available that can relieve the pain caused by distal clavi ( corn at the tip of the toe). Excellent to comfort ingrown nails. Fits all footwear.

• Latex / Silicone Free
• Gel is enriched with vitamin E to promote healing
• Unlike competitive silicone / foam / felt products, the gel will not flatten or lose its shape
• The only product capable of absorbing horizontal shearing
• Clinically proven to help reduce hypertrophic/keloid and keratotic scar tissue
 Dermatologist tested – hypoallergenic
 Washable & reusable


Product should be gently placed on either toe or finger so that gel is over affected area.


Diabetics and people with poor blood circulation should always choose a loose fitting product to avoid restricting blood flow. In doubt, please consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on an open wound

Recommended care:

We recommend that you wash the product with warm water and mild soap AFTER EACH USE. Do not use bleach or detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow the product to air dry. Sprinkle the gel with talcum powder once dry.