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Rental Topaz 8 Low Air Loss Mattress

Rental Topaz 8 Low Air Loss Mattress


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Alternating “micro” low air loss mattress replacement system combining the most advanced technology and clinically effective features for prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

Multiple pressure reduction features, simplicity of functional control, and modular component design, the Topaz 8 Plus Mattress Replacement System effectively manages injuries and pain.

    Master Control Units Features:

    • Micro Low Air Loss Technology – Air escapes from laser-cut openings located under air cells and distributed away from the skin.
    • Deep Cell 3:1 Alternation Therapy – 18 independent 8 inch high cells inflate and deflate in a 3:1 cycle, creating NEW! – When CPL mode is selected, mattress maintains function at a reduced selected pressure (Constant Low Pressure) in static mode. Cells have a figure “8” design; the bottom half is always inflated and only the top half alternates. In the event of a power failure the bottom half of the cells remain inflated up to 72 hours
    • Comfort Level and Auto Detection – 8 soft/firm settings offer easy comfort adjustment allowing caregivers to fine-tune therapeutic support and optimize patient comfort. Auto Detection can be used to automatically detect weight of the individual and set appropriate pressure for patient comfort.


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    Only 8” thick, a better fit for home care and hospital beds
    Auto-pressure Detection, eliminating the guess-work when setting up the mattress
    Figure 8 cell design provides fowler position support, prevents bottoming-out
    Auto-Memory ensures the mattress returns to previous settings following a power failure. Lock-out feature prevents tampering with settings
    Cover material is breathable, easy to wipe clean
    Auto Firm – Inflates the mattress with a simple push of a button for installation and nursing care requirements.
    Auto Alarm – Visual and audio alarms in the event of power failure, low pressure and service indicator.
    CPR quick-Release Valve – Deflates the torso section in less than 20 seconds in the event of medical emergencies.


    Rental equipment is subject to availability. BC MEDEQUIP reserves the right to substitute any rental equipment with a similar one without notice.

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