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Rental Mattress base protector

Rental Mattress base protector


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Mandatory on certain bed rentals

The MBP 500 Mattress Base Protector addresses the need for additional protection for mattresses that rest on a wire-spring or slat-deck bed frame.

The MBP 500 pad will prolong the lifespan of a mattress by alleviating hammocking of the mattress and preventing damage to the base caused by sharp wire indentations.


Designed to provide an adequate support base for a foam mattress that rests on a wire-spring or slat-deck bed frame

• Helps achieve the maximum lifespan of the mattress

• Reinforced vinyl cover
• Corner ties included to prevent slipping Standard Sizes:

• 3/4” x 35” x 78”


Rental equipment is subject to availability. BC MEDEQUIP reserves the right to substitute any rental equipment with a similar one without notice.

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