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Rental Knee Walker Walker/Scooter Standard

Rental Knee Walker Walker/Scooter Standard


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Starting at $100/month — Extra charges for delivery and pick up

Helps provide mobility while  maintaining balance and stability


  • Hand brake adjusts for left or right-hand use and includes a locking feature
  • Contoured, cushioned knee rest helps keep injured leg comfortably in place
  • Leg bench and steering column adjust to accommodate varying heights
  • 8-inch wheels  for a smooth ride indoors and outdoors
  • Durable steel construction for  strength and stability
  • Includes a durable vinyl pouch for personal belongings
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Overall product weight: 24 lb.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb.


  1. To fold the steering column down, pull the lock lever away from the steerable knee walker until the lock is disengaged. While holding the lock lever in the down position, fold the steering column down until it rests on the knee pad.
  2. To fold the frame, pull the frame lock lever away from the steerable knee walker until the lock is disengaged. While holding the lever in place, pull up on the frame until wheels come together.

Before Each Use

  1. Ensure that the brakes are working correctly. Over time the brake cables may stretch with use and should be adjusted to ensure continued proper operation. Failure to do this may result in injury to the user.
  2. Ensure all parts are secure and moving parts are in good working order.
  3. Ensure the seat lock lever and steering column lever are securely locked into place.
  4. All four wheels MUST be in contact with the floor at all times during use to ensure the steerable knee walker is properly balanced.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings when operating the steerable knee walker. Watch for safety hazards, such as cords, floor rugs, and other obstacles.

Using Your Steerable Knee Walker

  1. Place injured leg on bench, centered side-to-side and positioned forward to cover the full length of bench.
  2. With injured leg on bench, stand as straight as possible (adjust the height as necessary).
  3. With injured foot pointing down, the propulsion leg should be kept as close as possible to the bench.
  4. While on your toes, start out with small steps with propulsion leg. Concentrate on keeping that leg next to the bench. With practice, you should be able to move forward without deviating to the opposite side. 

Using the Hand Brake

  1. The steerable knee walker's brake is similar to a bicycle and also has a locking feature. To use the brake, simply pull the lever with your fingertips toward the handlebar.
  2. To lock the brake, pull the brake lever towards the handlebar and push down on the spring-loaded push button (located on top of brake). When correctly engaged, push button will remain down and brake lever will be locked in place.
  3. To release brake, simply pull lever towards the handlebar. Push pin will pop up automatically.


Do not attempt to adjust or operate your steerable knee walker without reading all instructions carefully. Failure to follow instructions may result in injury.

Consult with your healthcare provider if:

  • You require additional instruction on the proper use of this product.
  • You have any disability or physical limitation or are taking any medication that could cause interference with the safe use of this product.

Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity or serious injury may result.

The steerable knee walker is a walking aid only and should not be used for any other purpose.

Do not use on stairs or travel over drops or barriers, such as curbs or parking stops.

Do not sit on the knee rest, walker handles, or frame at any time.

Do not lean forward, backward, or to either side while in use and/or while applying brakes.

Always keep both hands on the handle grips when in use.

When turning the steerable knee walker, only turn while at a slow rate of movement.

At regular intervals, check and tighten all fasteners and hinged parts. Frequently check all plastic parts for wear. If any component of this product is damaged or missing, discontinue use immediately. Contact Cardinal Health at 1-877-227-3462 for repair and/or appropriate replacement parts. DO NOT use non-Cardinal HealthTM parts. 

Use Cardinal HealthTM accessories only. The use of other manufacturers' accessories can result in an improper fit and risk of fall and/or injury.

Failure to follow the above instructions may result in serious injury and/or damage to the product. Cardinal Health assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by improper installation, assembly, or use of this product.


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