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Rental JAY Union™ Back

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Comfort and Support all in One! The JAY Union Back is the complementary addition to any manual, positioning and power wheelchairs.

Innovative Hardware Options

The Jay Union back comes with the standard JAY hardware. It can also be ordered with the 4 Point hardware to support greater force to the back.

Multiple Foams

The Jay Union back is made of 3 foam layers for unparalleled comfort: Structural foam, Dispersion foam, and Comfort foam. This combination maximizes support and comfortably contours the user’s anatomy.

Lateral Support and Extension

Built-in Lateral Support:
The Jay Union shell is moulded to provide natural lateral support, forgiving contour and excellent lateral trunk stability. 

Lateral Support and Extension Options:
To increase trunk control, optional lateral supports can be added. 

The Jay Union can also be ordered as a tall back with the addition of an extension. This extension gives further pelvic support. The extension is adjustable in length and can be aligned to accommodate a kyphosis or lordosis.

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