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Rental Invacare Matrx Libra Cushions

Rental Invacare Matrx Libra Cushions


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High-resilience foam cushion made with Ultra-Fresh™ anti-microbial and odour protection.

Designed with the highest level of skin protection, positioning, and adjustability to match the unique needs of the user, the Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion offers a complete solution to provide balance and stability as well as optimize body function.

    • LC14x12"  LC18X18  LC22X22
    • LC14x14"  LC18X20  LC23X18
    • LC14x16"  LC19X16  LC23X20
    • LC15x16"  LC19X18  LC23X22
    • LC15x18"  LC19X20  LC24X18
    • LC15x20"  LC20X16  LC24X20
    • LC16x16"  LC20X18
    • LC16x18"  LC20X20
    • LC16x20"  LC21X18
    • LC17x16"  LC21X20
    • LC17X18  LC21X22
    • LC17X20  LC22X18
    • LC18X16  LC22X20



    Moisture-resistant, high stretch, breathable Startex™ outer cover
    Anatomically contoured foam base to optimize pelvic support and positioning
    Fluid sac requires no kneading or maintenance, non-temperature sensitive
    Highly flexible Platilon inner liner provides an extra layer of moisture protection
    Waterfall front edge accommodates tight hamstrings and foot propulsion


    Rental equipment is subject to availability. BC MEDEQUIP reserves the right to substitute any rental equipment with a similar one without notice.

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