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The Veloce has revolutionized how people view folding wheelchairs. No longer do you have to sacrifice the ease and simplicity of a folding chair for the performance of a rigid chair.Transfers and transport are simple, and the ride is second to none. With a transport weight of only 11.98 lbs. (5.43 kg), it’s the one of the lightest folding wheelchair in the world. Who knew folders could be so cool!

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One of the lightest folding wheelchair in the world

The Veloce is the most technologically advanced wheelchair for active users. It redefines what a wheelchair should be by offering unrivaled lightness, rigidity and responsiveness while retaining the all-important benefits of a compact folding system. With a transport weight of only 11.98 lbs. (5.43 kg), it feels like a Formula 1 but fits in the trunk of a Mini.

The unique Mantis frame

Our engineers have created an entirely new type of wheelchair construction, inspired by the rigidity of box frames and the look and ride of cantilever frames. The result is a closed frame in the back to fit our Ultrarigid Folding System with a minimalist front end. You get a full menu of configuration possibilities, along with outstanding aesthetics.

Get more mileage out of your energy

Our engineers have optimized every detail of the Veloce to help you go farther and with greater efficiency. The Symmetrical Molded Crossbrace and oversized pivot axles work in concert, while our unique Ultrarigid Folding System maximizes frame rigidity and responsiveness.

Adjustability without the weight

The Veloce is completely adjustable for a perfect fit. You can easily adjust front and rear seat-to-floor heights, seat slope and center of gravity. Most of the lightweight options offered with our Helio line of wheelchairs are also compatible with the Veloce for true customization.

Head-turning design

With its spirited Mantis frame, signature triangular tubing and carbon fiber finish featuring color highlights, the Veloce is truly a feast for the eyes.

Technical Specifications

Frame:                                     Folding Mantis Frame
Material:                                  T700 High-Modulus Carbon Fiber Transport
Weight :                                   11.98 lbs. (5.43 kg) (16*16,w/o rear wheels)
Weight capacity:                    265 lbs. (120 kg)
Width:                                      14” (35.6 cm) to 20” (50.8 cm)
Depth:                                      14” (35.6 cm) to 20” (50.8 cm)
Front seat-to-floor height:   (w/4” caster) (w/6” caster) 14 ½” (36.8 cm) to 21” (53.3 cm)
Rear seat-to-floor height:    (w/22” wheel) (w/26” wheel) 13 ½” (34.3 cm) to 20¼” (51.4 cm)

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