Furniture Riser Adjustable and Fixed Height 2"-6"

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Sturdy blocks made of multi laminated plywood.

Ideal to safely elevate a bed or chair height for anyone who has trouble getting up and down from a low seated position. Size 5 in (13 cm) square outside, 4 in (10 cm) inside.

Amount of elevation is adjustable within ranges indicated above. Sold individually. Weight capacity: 500 lb (227 kg) per block.

NOTICE: Legs of furniture should be placed in centre of furniture riser, not pressed against any of the sides. Extra care should be taken when using furniture risers - forceful use, tilting back in the chair or rocking of the elevated furniture may result in damage or failure of the product


  • Laminated plywood
  • height adjustable
  • clear wood varnish finish
  • weight capacity 500 lb
  • Furniture rise blocks