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Our Easy Mount Grab Bars provide safety and security and are ideally suited to assist you in any room of the house.

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With nine-hole flanges rather than the three-hole standard used in most grab bars, the Easy Mount™ offers greater versatility in installation than with systems. With nine holes, you are granted peace of mind with a more secure installation, and it is easy to add an additional mounting screw for peace of mind.

Flange covers conceal the screws for a simple and modern finish, so you don’t have to compromise on the look of your bathroom for safety.

**Installation required and is additional**


Material #304 Stainless Steel
Finish / Colour Knurled (SK)
Weight Capacity Lengths (12,18,24): 500lbs / 227kg 
Lengths (32,36,42): 400lbs / 181kg
Rail Diameter 1.25”/ 31.8mm (ADA Compliant)
Wall Clearance 1.50" / 38.1mm (ADA Compliant)
Grab Bar Lengths 12, 18, 24, 32, 36, 42” / 
305, 457, 610, 813, 914, 1067mm
Height Adjustable N/A
Grip Material Anti-slip knurled sections (on SK models)
Installation Mechanism Screw to wood backing behind wall
Installation Hardware/Fasteners #10 x 2" / 50.8mm length (x6), S/S wood screws (provided)
Fasteners Exposed or Concealed Concealed
Commercial Use Yes
Residential Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Country of Origin China

Product Code for Knurled (SK) Finish G125SK12F9 
 Dimensions 1 Pack (Tube): 
Length 18: 23x5x5” / 584x127x127mm 
Length 24: 28x5x5” / 711x127x127mm 
Length 32: 38x5x5" / 965x127x127mm 
Length 36: 42x5x5" / 1067x127x127mm 

General Warning

DO NOT INSTALL this equipment before understanding the manufactures installation instructions, other wise serious injury may occur. Installation is available by your local BC Medequip Service Technician, please contact us for further details.