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Our certified compression fitters ensure you get the maximum benefit from compression stockings and mastectomy products.

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Care Instructions

Without daily laundering, your garment is more likely to stretch out, over time. All garments can be hand or machine-washed and machine- dried on a low-heat setting or hung to dry. It is recommended to use a mild laundry detergent without bleach or softeners.

Care Instructions

Donning Instructions

Donning Instructions

Doffing Instructions

Doffing Instructions


Medical Compression

Your doctor will prescribe your proper compression dosage (mmHg) and include product instructions on your RX script. This is only required for compression dosages 30-40 mmHg and above and armsleeves.

  • Medical compression products have graduated compression. This means 100 percent of compression starts at the ankle or wrist and decreases as it moves up the limb.
  • Medical compression also has a dosage amount and it varies from mild (15-20 mmHG) to moderate (20-30 mmHg), firm (30-40 mmHg), to strong (40-50 mmHG).
  • Options for compression garments such as style, size, length and material also maximize therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Most OTC or athletic compression products are typically only available in knee-high styles, sized by shoe and offers limited sizes and lengths.

Medical compression offers certain features that aid in managing your medical issues and can help improve health outcomes.

Payment Options

Depending on your insurance coverage, you may have benefits for compression products. Unfortunately we do not direct bill. If you require an official receipt for your claim, please contact us.

What does graduated compression mean?

In the stocking, the greatest compression begins at the ankle and decreases up the leg. For arm sleeves, the greatest compression begins at the wrist and decreases up the arm.

When should I wear my compression garment?

In general, graduated compression stockings should only be worn during the day while you are upright and mobile, and should betaken off and washed at night. If you need to wear your garment every day, you may want to consider purchasing a second pair so you will always have one pair to wear while the other is being washed.

How often should I replace my garment?

With normal daily wear and care, we recommend replacing your garment every six months. If your garment show signs of excessive wear or fits looser or tighter than when you originally purchased it, we recommend contacting us about being re-measured or replacing your garment sooner.

Are compression socks unisex?

While a few of our products are geared for either men or women, most of our products are unisex.