Payment Options

Funding / Insurance / Payment 

The purchase or rental of equipment all costs money. To assist, in what could potentially become a financial burden, we offer the following helpful information. Many customers are able to limit their personal expenditure to only what is necessary, and allow a third party to assist with the balance. The following may represent sources of funding depending on your personal circumstances.

Private funding 

Private funding is when an individual pays for their equipment from their own money. Sometimes, societies and organizations will provide funding for equipment if individuals requiring financial assistance meet the criteria set out by such organizations. Contact us for more information.

Insurance and Extended Benefits

Insurance and Extended Benefits allows for people to substantially reduce the initial cost of medical equipment. Many people do not realize that their extended medical plan may pay a portion (75-100%) of the cost of equipment, depending on the type of plan. At BC MedEquip, we work with therapists and health plan providers to expedite the process of securing funding or pre-authorization.

Government funding

BC MedEquip will bill directly government agencies upon approval. This includes, Worksafe BC, ICBC, Pharmacare, MEPP Program, Veterans Affairs (DVA), RCMP, National Defence (DND), Non-Insured Health Benefits (DIA), to name a few.

Forms of Payment accepted 

BC MedEquip accepts Visa, Mastercard and Interac.