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Bidet Washlet C200 Elongated Toilet Seat **pricing subject to change based on availability

Bidet Washlet C200 Elongated Toilet Seat **pricing subject to change based on availability

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The TOTO® WASHLET® C200 Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat with PREMISE

delivers ecology-minded luxury with a streamlined design. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can often be rough and ineffective, the WASHLET® quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button.

The WASHLET® C200 is fully automated, featuring a soft rear spray, rear cleanse, and front cleanse with the option of an oscillating or pulsating stream. The controls are located on a slim, wireless remote.

The PREMISE function sprays the bowl with water before each use, preventing waste buildup and keeping the toilet bowl clean. The wand is self-cleaning, automatically cleaning itself before and after every use. The WASHLET® features a heated SoftClose® seat with five temperature settings, an air deodorizer, and a warm air dryer with five temperature settings.

Using a WASHLET® reduces the need for toilet paper, saving trees and water used to manufacture each roll. As we get older, our mobility can deteriorate and make it increasingly hard to clean ourselves after toileting. Medical conditions such as ALS, MS, and other debilitating illnesses can make using the bathroom without assistance almost impossible, but with a WASHLET®, just the touch of a button can leave you feeling clean. Includes mounting and connection hardware.

Weight & Dimension: 

Overall 15.38'' W x 18.88'' D
Overall Product Weight 16 lb.

PREMIST Technology

  • • Using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use.
  • • The slick surface creates a more hygienic environment by helping prevent waste from adhering to your toilet.
  • • Reduces cleaning time and frequency.

Automatic Air Deodorizer

  • • Premium features help create a more pleasant and hands-free experience for users.
  • • The automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters and effectively cleaning the air around the toilet.
  • • Enjoy the ease and comfort of drying with the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer.

Warm Air Dryer

  • • Enjoy the ease and comfort of gentle warm air with the temperature-adjustable dryer.
  • • Reduces the need for toilet paper; therefore conserving trees, water, and energy.

Heated Seat

  • • The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort.
  • • Five temperature settings allows users to choose their perfect level of warmth and maintain that desired setting.
  • • Early in the morning or through the winter seasons, this heated seat will keep you warm and cozy.

SoftClose Lid

  • • Slow close function built into the lid and seat. No more slammed lids!
  • • SoftClose lid will close on its own after giving it a gentle push.
  • • Reduces loud seat slam and excess noise and helps prevents lid and seat damage.

Air-in Wonder Wave Technology

  • • Innovative Air-in Wonder Wave technology provides a strong, yet gentle water stream.
  • • The water is injected with air to enlarge the droplets and create a superior cleanse without being too harsh.
  • • Water is fired at different speeds, allowing smaller droplets to collide with larger ones and fill with more air


Fits most elongated toilets. Ensure proper WASHLET fit by carefully measuring your toilet. 120V GFCI Outlet is required for opperation.


Easy DIY Installation

No plumber necessary. Easily installs for an instant bathroom upgrade

Easy DIY Installation

Luxury Remote

Luxury Remote

Luxury hand-held or wall-mounted remote control allows users to experience clean like never before. Customize your clean with adjustable water pressure position, and temperature. Controls heated seat and air dryer settings. Easy to use and equipped with two user memory settings. Never have to replace batteries!


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