VPL PASSPORT® Lift Add-on Accessories

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Platform Safety Rail

The PASSPORT Platform Safety Rail provides additional stability while standing on the PASSPORT Vertical Platform Lift. When used with a Straight Platform, the Safety Rail can be installed on either the front or rear platform guard wall. When used with our 90° Turn Platform, the Platform Safety Rail must be installed on the rear guard wall.

Platform Safety Pan Weather Guard

Made of durable synthetic rubber, the weather guard helps protect the base of the PASSPORT from the outdoor elements and keeps the Safety Pan free of debris. Installs quickly by simply clipping onto the Safety Pan.

Top Landing Gate

Used to control the access between the PASSPORT and your upper landing, porch, or deck. The Top Landing Gate features a mechanical interlocking latch with magnetic reed switch to help keep you protected from accidental injury by preventing improper operation of the lift. The Top Landing Gate is available in configurations with the hinges on either the left or right. May be required by your local building codes.


Safety device intended to prevent an existing door from being opened when the lift is in the down position.

Call/Send Control

Enhance your PASSPORT with an additional Call/Send Control to allow you to call the Vertical Platform Lift up or down from multiple stations. From the bottom of the stairs or landing, simply press the DOWN button and the platform descends; from the top, simply press the UP button and the platform ascends. The PASSPORT tower is pre-wired for one call box (splitter is included with additional boxes). The Call/Send Control has mushroom-head control switches that are easy to use, even with limited motor skills.

Wireless Remote Control

Make use of the Vertical Platform Lift even easier with our wireless key fob transmitter, which allows you to operate your PASSPORT from nearby locations, such as inside your house or vehicle. To provide you all the versatility and coverage you need, the Wireless Remote and the Call/Send Control option can be used together.

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