MOBILIS ManuActive — Wrist Brace

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ManuActive relieves Wrist pain caused by arthrosis, arthritis, or tendonitis by compressing and stabilizing the hand with its inner rod and pad. The strap can be used to adjust the level of stabilization and fit, while the anatomically-shaped 3D knit helps ensure maximum comfort.


Arthritis, chronic irritation / tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, instability, post surgery, post trauma


  • Brace with silicone inserts around cubitus bone
  • Metal rod to limit wrist movement
  • Elastic strap allows support level adjustment
  • Anatomically shaped 3D knit for comfort and fit
  • Specific for left or right hand


56% Polyamide, 25% Thermoplastic Elastomer, 9% Elastodiene, 5% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Contains natural rubber latex that may cause allergic reaction.