Juzo Spirit

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Elegant sheen and a subtle look
Art. 2901 / 2902 

Thanks to the fine mesh design, Juzo Spirit is a true visual highlight. This compression stocking is not only characterised by its subtle sheen but also by compelling functional properties. The temperature-regulating knitted fabric is particularly breathable and offers a pleasant skin climate. Owing to its elastic soft toe and particularly smooth border, Juzo Spirit provides a high level of wearing comfort. A real treat for the legs, and the wearer. The body part of the compression tights features a special ribbed structure, meaning the zones around the tummy remain elastic yet ensure a slight shaping effect at the same time. Juzo Spirit offers lot of variety, individuality and vibrancy, thanks to eight standard colours, three radiant Trend Colours, the Dip-Dye Collection with its extravagant colour gradient and the Batik Collection


  • Elegantly shimmering surface texture
  • Breathable, temperature-regulating knitted fabric
  • The perfect fit, thanks to anatomical contours
  • Durable, thanks to sole of foot being reinforced throughout
  • Freedom of movement and reduced pressure in the toe area, thanks to soft toe


  • Made in Germany, complying with the highest quality standards
  • Oeko-Tex certified and skin-friendly
  • Without silicone or plasticisers
  • Handmade seams for maximum wearing comfort
  • Anatomical fit

Models and Versions

  • Choice of 3 lengths
  • Also available with different silicone borders
  • Available in compression classes 1 and 2
  • Body part with elasticated zones providing a shaping effect
  • Below-knee stocking with wide comfort border
  • Tights with smooth border