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Lifestyle and design elegantly combined
Art. 2701 / 2702 / 2781 / 2782

Refined fashion and healthy veins in harmony: the Juzo Inspiration compression stocking combines a subtle look with medical effectiveness thanks to the fine discreet mesh design, narrow top border and decreased heel. The elastane thread in the knitted fabric is not wrapped in any other material. It lies directly on the skin, offering the perfect support. The reinforced sole of the foot protects the area of the foot that is subjected to a lot of strain and also increases the useful life of the Juzo Inspiration.  During pregnancy, the Juzo Inspiration compression tights are the perfect companion. The special pregnancy body part does not exert compression but instead perfectly adapts to the growth of the baby bump. The body part also features an elasticated band with button holes to adjust the width in order to offer the perfect fit for any belly circumference.  

Do you enjoy showing colour and being a trendsetter? Juzo Inspiration provides you with many options, be it a beautiful colour gradient from the Dip-Dye Collection, the unique patterns from the Batik Collection or the multifaceted variety of colours offered by Trend Colours . The knitted Vision pattern with geometrical design is another popular variation.


  • Subtle look, thanks to fine, transparent mesh, narrow top border and reduced heel
  • Secure fit, thanks to open elastane thread
  • Breathable, thin knitted fabric
  • Durable, thanks to sole of foot being reinforced throughout
  • Freedom of movement and reduced pressure in the toe area, thanks to soft toe
  • Smooth leg band


  • Made in Germany, complying with the highest quality standards
  • Oeko-Tex certified and skin-friendly
  • Without silicone or plasticisers
  • Handmade seams for maximum wearing comfort
  • Anatomical fit

Models and Versions

  • Choice of 3 lengths
  • Also available with different silicone borders
  • Available in compression classes 1 and 2
  • Open toe with seamless, pressure-reduced border
  • Pregnancy body part without compression
  • Tights with width-adjustable elasticated band with button holes