EZ-Access TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat

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Designed for doorways and raised landings, the TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat can be used by itself or in a pair to make entry convenient and safe.

The mat simply sits against the doorsill (inside or outside) to provide a smooth ground-to-sill transition.

The Modular Entry Mat is made of 100% recycled material, is slip-resistant, and is designed for years of continued use.

To accommodate wider entrances two mats can be placed side-by-side. Its 2½ inch height can be easily trimmed or notched to fit any entrance.

Optional risers are available to reach heights greater than 2½ inches.

We offer a free onsite assessment, please give us a call for further details.


  • 100% Recycled Rubber:
    This mat is an eco-friendly, durable, and secure threshold solution.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use:
    Can be used for exits and entryways, both indoors and outdoors, to meet a variety of needs.
  • Smooth Transition:
    The Modular Entry Mat sits directly against the door sill to provide a smooth transition.
  • Optional Rubber Risers:
    The Modular Entry Mat can be combined with optional risers to obtain a maximum height of 4¾ inches. See product options for more details.
  • Made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.



TMEM 2.5-1

TMEMR 2.25

Made of 100% Recycled Rubber

Slip-resistant Surface

Usable size (L x W x H)

24" x 48" x 2.5"

24" x 24" x 2.25" per riser (2 each)

Overall size (L x W x H)

24" x 48" x 2.5"

24" x 24" x 2.25" per riser (2 each)

Usable height*


**Call customer service for details


40 lbs.

23.5 lbs. per riser (2 each)

Weight capacity

850 lbs.

850 lbs.

For wheelchairs & scooters

NOTE: Weights and dimensions are approximate and subject to change.

*Consult your equipment's owner guide for proper degree of incline. Never exceed its recommendations.

**Optional components available to reach heights greater than 2.5". Call for details.

***Weights are approximate and may vary.

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