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Functional orthosis for stabilization of the knee.
After surgery to correct misalignments (bowleg or knock knee), the removal of a meniscus or following cruciate or collateral ligament injuries, the MOS Genu® can be used to stabilize the leg or to provide targeted partial relief for it. The orthosis comprises an aluminum frame with optimally adjustable joints, straps and special skin-friendly cushions which compensate for swelling in the knee joint region. The frame design is available as either a standard length or a long version.

-stabilizes and relieves pressure on the knee joint
-adjustable axes and joints
-anatomically contoured frame

Stability and relief
If the knee is affected by severe instability, it requires special support. The special frame design of the MOS Genu® provides external support for the knee, holding it in the correct axis. Possible constraining forces on the knee joint are reduced to a minimum. Its joints, with physiologically optimal pivots, can be adjusted in 10-degree intervals. Pressure on the collateral ligaments or on parts of the knee can be relieved individually.

Strong yet lightweight
The MOS Genu® orthosis ensures maximum stability with minimum load impact. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and the shells have skin-friendly, breathable cushions and do not slip. Condylar cushions of varying thicknesses compensate for any swelling. The orthosis can therefore be worn with comfort, even over extended periods of time.



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