Advice on Lymphedema Pumps

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People interested in using or purchasing a sequential pneumatic pump should be aware that not all pumps are equal in design or treatment of lymphedema.

Once a doctor recommends and prescribes a pump for treatment of lymphedema it is up to you to make an informed choice. When inquiring about a pump there are important things to consider:

  • What is the cycle time of the pump?
  • How many chambers does the garment have?
  • Is there a sequential milking effect on the limb from ankle or wrist moving up the limb?
  • Are there variable pressure controls?
  • Is there a short-duration cycle (30 seconds: 24 inflation, 6 deflation) supplied through multiple compartments? (creates a milking pattern for comfortable effective treatment).
  • Are there a variety of sizes and attachments available?
  • How durable and reliable is the pump? Have you seen these pumps in use in hospitals or clinics?
  • What is the warranty? What happens if I have a problem with the pump?
  • Am I buying my pump from an accredited well-established business?

Many pumps available on the market are uni-compartmental or have 2 or 3 chambers that may not overlap, and have a long cycle time, which can be very uncomfortable, Pumps with overlapping chambers, and a short cycle time (26 sec) seem most effective. For more information, questions or comments contact us at

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